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A support for your low back is essential to have in the chairs in which you will spend most of your time. Most furniture companies do not manufacture chairs that are actually healthy for you. Often they are hard rather than offering a cushioned seat, and the position of your spine is often very poor and sometimes even damaging. Think of having a lumbar support for your office chair, your car seat and your favorite reading chair at home. Another great idea is to have one that you can take with you when you travel on airlines. One day I hope to see airlines provide lumbar supports for people the way they do blankets and pillows. Why not ask the flight attendants next time you are on a flight? Tell them your chiropractor said it would make the flight much more enjoyable and less damaging to your health. If enough of us ask for it, perhaps one day they will get the hint. I recently discovered a terrific product called the Travel Back. It is a lumbar support that can fold flat and be carried in a briefcase or purse to be brought onto an airplane. It was brilliantly designed by my good friend Dr. Scott Donkin an author, chiropractor and ergonomic expert. It not only makes travel more comfortable, but much healthier as well. Dr. Donkin is an expert at ergonomic products. He consults for major corporations who pay him to make sure that their products are spine friendly and ergonomically correct. Another product Dr. Donkin supports is the Back Max. It's a product that supports you sitting in various positions on the floor so you can read, do homework, relax, meditate and more. There are many different ways to set it up so that you can change your positions often and still feel comfortable and supported on the floor. Another tool to help keep healthy alignment includes a special shaped support pillow that rests between your legs while you're lying on your side. Core Products manufactures the Leg Spacer designed to align your lower extremities in order to relieve pressure on your low back, hips and knees. It is very comfortable to sleep with and once again helps not only reduce pressure on your low back, it helps you get a better night sleep. Another product I like very much is the Back Vitalizer. It is a rectangular air filled low back pillow that you can use either behind your low back or you can sit on it. The product helps enhance the hydration of spinal discs, improves muscle blood circulation and helps to reduce pain while your sitting. It also simulates the effect of sitting on an exercise ball in that it activates your core muscles in order to stabilize your pelvis on the air pocket. Because of its simple design you can use it at work, at home, take it to sporting events, use it in your car and bring it on an airplane. The Back Vitalizer is extremely helpful for people who sit a lot and it feels remarkably comfortable.

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